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Help Sellers Prepare for a Home Inspection

Originally posted on Ottawa Realtor Trends:
Every seller breathes a sigh of relief when an offer to purchase their home is presented. Once that contract is signed, both sides want the sale to close.  However a home inspection, detailing a…

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10 Ways to Properly Maintain Hardwood Floors

Originally posted on Lovely Fuzzy Home:
If you want your home to exude a cozy feel whenever you want to relax or laze around, then you will surely appreciate the warm feeling that hardwood floor brings. It can also add…

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10 reasons to open your windows and doors

Originally posted on Esther De Wolde:
Take a moment to enjoy the fresh air! I like the word “fenestration.” Not just because it means “the design and position of windows and other exterior openings of a building.” But because it…

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May’s Deal Of The Month

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year.  After a long, cold winter, we often want to open our windows to hear the birds sing & enjoy the fresh air.  Just be sure you have your screens properly fitted … Continue reading

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Protect your windows!

We offer a great service that will protect your windows from hard water! Get your windows done before you turn the sprinklers on! Application is $3-$4 dollars per pane. It should last the whole summer. It is much cheaper then … Continue reading

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The Importance of Window Washing

Originally posted on markatosservices:
Why should I clean my windows? Cleaning windows provides more natural light to enter the home. More natural light creates heat in the winter and decreases electricity bills. Cleaning windows regularly prevents residue build up that…

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