Five Smart Steps for First Home Buyers to Consider



Getting excited about owing your first home, that a landlord doesn’t have access to, is a wonderful feeling! Many home owners, however, lose their heads when it comes to renovating a new home and buying furniture. So if you are one of those lucky first home buyers who can still afford to buy a new home and take advantage of the lower than ever interest rates, consider the steps below to avoid overspending and making costly mistakes.

But first a word of warning – don’t overspend on that property.  Make sure you buy with a rationale head and give yourself a clear maximum you can afford to spend before you go off to that auction!

1. Don’t Spend Too Much On Buying New Furniture and Remodelling

With home ownership come new costs and expenses, such as strata bills and water and trash payments, so it’s worthwhile to keep this in…

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Quick Tips To Beat The Heat And Save On Your Electric Bill

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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Safe at All Times

Cindy Daniel Real Estate

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Safe at All Times

The kitchen is the busiest room inside a house.  It’s where we prepare all of our meals, where kids tend to hang out after school, where families gather for quality time, and where guests always seem to collect during entertaining.

With all of these busy activities inside the kitchen, it is truly a challenge to keep the room clean and tidy at all times.  Not doing so creates an unsafe, dirty, and unorganized kitchen that can lead to bacteria build up.  It can also develop an unpleasant smell and appearance, which then makes it very uninviting.

Here are a few tricks for how you can maintain cleanliness in your kitchen at all times:

  • Practice the rule of “clean as you go.”  After using your kitchen tools, clean them and put them back in their proper places. Do not let them pile up in the sink or on the counter, as…

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Child falls from window in West Jordan

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WEST JORDAN — A 5-year-old girl fell from a second story window in West Jordan Wednesday afternoon.

It happened around 2:21 p.m. Paramedics responded to a residence in the Brittany Townhomes within minutes of the 911 call and determined the girl was conscious and breathing, but not alert.

Relatives of the child said the master bedroom window was open to allow air into the home. They said the child pushed against the screen and did a somersault and landed on her back in a flower bed.

The girl fell between 15 and 20 feet, and rescue crews and family are both grateful the girl survived the fall. The girl has been taken to Primary Children’s Hospital. Paramedics said a doctor may determine otherwise, but the injuries appeared minor.

“Very relieved, when I got the first call because they were trying to reach her husband, just panic-stricken,” Michelle…

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US home prices rise 12.2 percent, best in 6 years

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LED Flood Lights Could Soon Be Used to Illuminate Sports Stadiums at Night


LED flood lights are slowly starting to become more standard in commercial businesses and the home. But what about larger arenas like sports stadiums? For many years, these larger arenas have resisted LED flood lights out of ignorance of trying something new with better energy efficiency. In… led, led flood lights, led lights

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Top Handyman Skills Homeowners Should Have

Alan And Heather Davis

Top Handyman Skills Homeowners Should Have

Homeownership can be as easy as buying a move-in-ready home and settling in. But, what happens when the power goes out or there is fire in the kitchen?  What will you do if you have plumbing problems or your door lock breaks?

Yes, homeownership is wonderful, but if you don’t know some of the basic handyman skills a homeowner should possess, the experience could be more difficult than necessary. Below are the top skills any homeowner should have in order to be able to address problems inside their homes:

  • Use a fire extinguisher. Commercial buildings are required to have at least one fire extinguisher per floor. The same holds true with a private home. Your home should have at least one fire extinguisher on hand in case of fire. But, just having one isn’t enough.  You also need to know how to use it, so you can extinguish a fire…

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Schedule Home Maintenance For an Entire Year

Hollywood Florida Real Estate


Everyone knows that home maintenance is imperative for preserving the quality and condition of your home’s interior and exterior. However, not everyone takes action to cover all the necessary bases, ultimately leaving some areas of the home to slowly deteriorate, exposed to the elements.

But, sometimes knowing what, when and how to perform certain maintenance duties can be a challenge as some tasks are less obvious than others. For example, owners of homes with sump pumps might not even consider inspecting their systems, which can result in flooded basements. Other items, like gas and electric water heaters with large tanks build up sediment and require routine flushing at least once a year. This sediment is also referred to as scale and consists of free-floating minerals that aggregate over time. It’s the same stuff that accumulates in your shower.

Improper or limited maintenance can cause a host of unwanted issues…

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The Economic and Emotional Value of Homeownership

Livebetterbydesign's Blog

In good times or bad, there is one constant: Homeownership remains the American Dream for millions of American families. And there are many reasons why, both economic and emotional.

Robert R. Jones HomesMost Americans consider homeownership to be their single best long-term investment and a primary source of their wealth and financial security. Generations of families have counted on and used the equity in their homes for their children’s education, their own retirement and other milestone expenses.

Individual household budgets are helped by tax incentives that are designed to make owning a home more affordable. Deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes can result in thousands of dollars of tax savings, especially in the early years of the mortgage when interest makes up most of the payment. Home owners save nearly $100 billion annually on mortgage interest and property deductions alone.

And when home owners sell their primary residence, they get an…

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Summer Roofing: Maintenance Tips

Revelation Roofing of the Rockies

To keep your roof in great condition (and thereby extend its life) it’s good to be vigilant with year-round maintenance and checkups.  In the heat of a Colorado summer getting up on your roof may be the last thing you want to do, but it’s nonetheless very important.  Keep our following tips in mind when checking and maintaining your roof this summer.

*As always, safety first.  If you will be working on your roof, let someone know in advance in case you do fall. And, if you are not comfortable with any task, contact a professional roofing company for assistance.

Tips for all Roof Types

  • Check all gutters and downspouts to make sure water is flowing freely.
  • Clean out all roof drains and gutters from spring time flower blossoms.
  • If your roof is over 10 years old or you suspect that your roof is aging badly, inspect it from the…

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