LED Lights VS Incandescent

First let me point out a few key facts that everyone should know about LED lights. They cost twice as much but last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs & burn 1/10th as much power. Therefore they will pay for themselves several times over their lifetime. Professional grade LEDs are also brighter in spite of using a fraction as much power. LEDs are much less of a fire hazard because they burn so much cooler & because they
draw a fraction of the power so the likelihood of overloading a circuit is reduced dramatically.

If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I don’t like LED lights.” When I ask people to get more specific about what they don’t like about LED lights I usually get two responses. The first & most common is the very unnatural & harsh looking blue hue that comes from what are supposed to be white lights. “Oh that” I reply. “It isn’t that you don’t like LED lights; it’s that you don’t like cheap LED lights.” You see the professional
grade lights that we buy direct from the wholesaler will never look like that. Their
lights are finely tuned to specific frequencies or spectrums of light. We can actually
specify 4 different shades of white & none of them look blue (but we do have a cool
Clearview blue if you like blue).

The second most common response is “I just like the traditional glow of incandescent lights.”This is where the patented bulbs we have this year really shine (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun). Other LED bulbs have multiple small LEDs on a strip. Our suppliers new patented bulbs have a single much larger & brighter diode in the base of the bulb which in a smooth bulb emits light in a fashion that looks more like traditional incandescent bulbs. Personally I prefer the faceted bulbs that redirect light in every direction & look much brighter. They really “pop”. But if you prefer a softer more traditional look then check out our new smooth bulbs. By the way we also sell incandescent so we have you covered either way & our prices are VERY competitive! For more information visit our main website:



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Founded in 1987, Clearview has been delivering quality service and dependability to the Wasatch Front for more than 22 years. We are bonded & insured for your protection and our technicians are skilled and reliable professionals you'll trust in your home. We provide Free estimates for recurring businesses. Residential customers can get pricing by phone in a matter of minutes. Call us today for more information. We are anxious to solve your imediate as well as your long term cleaning & maintenance needs.
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