Dare we mention the big C word before Thanksgiving?

Everyone seems to get a little annoyed when you mention the big C word before Thanksgiving but when it comes to getting Christmas lights on your home it is wise to get them up early. We’ve already had our first snow storm of the year. Fortunately we got some really nice weather afterwards so that first storm was simply a wakeup call; but the Indian summer we’re having now will quickly pass & you know what’s next. Whether you’re hanging your own lights or having us do it; getting them up before the snow hits is more than just convenient – it’s a safety issue. Some homes have such high, steep multi level roof lines that some places are inaccessible when there is snow on it & other places that you may be able to get to but it’s risky.

So for safety sake don’t put it off any longer.Another reason to get them up early is professional availability. Thanksgiving is when everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas & we get VERY busy. We actually got a late start this year due to a shortage of elves so to ensure that we are able to get to you please call before thanksgiving to get on the list. Product availability is yet another reason to schedule early. One of our key vendors has already run out of mini LED lights & may run out of C7 & C9 (roofline) lights also; especially since they have the new patented bulbs this year. Once they are gone we will have to buy more expensive product locally. So if you are a new lighting customer or an existing one that plans to upgrade or add to your décor this year it is wise to schedule early. For more information about the really cool patented LED bulbs I mentioned see the article on page 3. For those of you who are wondering why you should hire a professional to put up Christmas lights when you can do it yourself (or get the kids to) here are just a few reasons:

Remember last year? The tangled mess, the broken bulbs, the bad connections, trying to buy more lights that match what you already have, scratching your head wondering what to do with a 100’ stringer on a 120’ roofline, wondering if the holiday cheer that comes from sparkling lights is worth risking your neck (& other precious body parts) for. Ah the joys of doing your own Christmas lights. Of course there’s always the alternative plan; pester the teenagers for weeks, then bribe, then threaten to get them to do it, then worry
about their safety when you finally do get them to do it & you still didn’t avoid half the problems that they come back to you with anyway. Some things are worth hiring a professional for & Christmas lights are definitely on that list. So this year let the Christmas Lighting Specialist check lights off of your to do list – and relax. Not only is it done – it’s done to perfection, maintained all season, then
taken down & stored for you. Nice!


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